Is your financial house in order?

A good friend of mine recently sent me this link and I couldn’t keep it to myself I had to share it!
I feel the need to do so because I know that so many of us are working hard day in and day out but money still seems to be falling out of our pockets. And that the economy is “hospitalized” many are feeling suffocated.

Well, fear not because there will be a change in the economy soon (if we faint not) but the question is are we going ot be ready for it? Our society has us believing that in order to be happy we have to have things, whether we can afford it or not. We’re all guilty of it but those who will set themselves up to prosper will find the strength to change those impluses around and block out the heavy influences of our “gimme more” society.
Are you one of them??
Check out this video about what is going to happen witht he financial status of America and the world ….

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