Is it ever enough?

I’ve encountered many different types of people who have dealt with all kinds of self hindering habits or traits. These habits or traits vary in type but hinder us nonetheless. Those hinderers, I believe, distinguish the average from the above average.

I know that one habit I had to personally deal with was feelings and thoughts of not being good enough. When I was young my father always strived for us to be the best and everything we did especially academics. Though his intentions were to get the best results out of me it had adverse effects on me in the sense that no matter what I did I never felt like it was enough. I could have completed the task better or finished within a shorter time span or made a better grade. I recall a time when I made an A grade on a tough assignment for class and I truly gave it my all but when I returned home looking to receive praise for my efforts I got something entirely different. My father’s response was “you were only a few points away why couldn’t you have gotten an A+”?

Imagine my defeat.

A couple of years down the road I began to realize that these events modified my thinking in terms of what I felt I could or could not accomplish. When opportunities presented themselves there would always be one reason or another to “let it go” or “give up” or “no longer be interested”. In other words self defeating thoughts of not being good enough would hinder my being able to capitalize on the opportunities and move forward in life.

It was a tough journey and very difficult to overcome those thoughts and feelings of not being able to accomplish goals and dreams but it was worth the journey. Now I believe that I can do anything and though the thoughts still rise up within me I recognize them and speak out loud exactly what I want and believe should happen. I’m no longer afraid of stepping out and doing something new but rather look forward to it.

I don’t believe I was created to be average and I don’t believe that you were either. Getting rid of these hindering traits may not be easy but it is necessary. What habits have you realized need to be changed before you find the success you deserve?

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