Imagine the possibilities…!

The difference between who you are today and who you will be tomorrow is determined by the company you keep and the books you read.

A book is the bridge that can connect you from your current status to your ELEVATED status. Through reading the process of visualization occurs. Visualization is the process by which you employ your imagination to create the desires of your heart.

As a student in law school would read the autobiography of Thurgood Marshall they would be inspired to begin to visualize themselves achieving great things and making lasting change. Or a minister, who reads the stories and testimonies of Martin Luther King Jr, Billy Graham and other ministers who, being divinely inspired by God, revolutionized their generation for change.

As the reader flips through the pages of a book, their imagination is stirred up and their faith is ignited. When a persons faith is ignited, it surpasses the natural dimension of operating and now emblazons the supernatural dimension of operation that brings the vision and desire to pass.

There is no limit to what the imagination of a person can conjure up especially when the Spirit of God gets involved. Ask anyone who is successful in their field or area of expertise, reading is essential to their progress. You can only be as big as the books you read, study & act on…that includes the Bible.

Learn what to do, what not to do, overcome obstacles, gain insight and wisdom without suffering the setback of consequences just by reading a book.

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Dr. Faith

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