I shall live & not die…

Yesterday was my Mama’s birthday (if you ask her 21st birthday).  After a 3 day Youth Conference in Houston, I decided to stay a couple of days just to celebrate.  We were able have a surprise birthday party at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen…and she had no idea!  She even ate the creme brulee with fresh fruit (she NEVER eats dessert) thats how excited she was.

I can honestly say that it was sooo worth the time and planning because there was a time when we weren’t sure if she was going to have another birthday party.  When she was diagnosed with breast cancer and going through chemotherapy it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I really had to envision her being healthy and at her best anytime I saw her because if I would have focused on how she was at the time it would have allowed fear and doubt to take over me.

That season of my mom getting back to health made me really appreciate her and life in general.  My first book called You Can Win at Life took on a whole new meaning and my JesusBody DVD meant more to me than ever before.  Both the book and the DVD give the keys to living a purpose-filled life with meaning.

It hit home that no matter what happens in life or what tries to come against you in life …you shall live and not die.  There are more who are for you (God, the innumerable angels) than those that are against you.  No matter what bad things could happen God will work ALL things out for our good.  Know that you will live and not die to shout out the great things that God has done for you.  And while you’re living be a good steward over the family, friends, health, finances, gifts and talents that He has given you.

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