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blog_overcomeOne of the biggest arguments of the century (at least in the world of psychology) is whether if not we are by-products of our environment or made within ourselves.
Some have argued that our environment is most important factor in shaping who we are and who we will become. This theory many times doesn’t give any consideration to other factors such as learned behaviors, parental teachings beliefs and values, psychological dispositions but rather give all influence to our environment. I’d never say our environment is the sole factor that creates who we are BUT it does play a huge role in who we become.
After reading biography after biography and watching the lives of millionaires and billionaires there just some key factors that have played a major role in their lives and have helped to shape where they are in life. Whether they started at the top or started at the bottom and are now at the top; there are five factors that have positioned them to be there and I daresay that no matter where you come from or what your obstacle is you too can get to the top. But the phrase “the top” must be defined by you. Your definition of success or being at the top is usually being in a place that’s better than where you started, above the average, higher than middle class.
To overcome obstacles and rise above your current circumstances you must fight.  You have to make a decision to fight against every factor and societal standard that gets placed on you because of your environment, socialeconomic background and the like.  People have had to fight various factors like mindset, learned behaviors, negative attitudes, generational poverty etc to get to a point in which they can actually succeed in life. And  if you’re not willing to fight those very things that are anti-your success you will never get to where you truly desire to be.
There are five major attributes that you must possess and act on to overcome the obstacles that are in front of you.  They are:
1. Resilience
2. Exposure
3. Mentorship
4. Teachability
5. Faith
1. RESILIENCE.  You must be resilient. Being resilient means that you have what’s called a bounce back attitude. No matter what obstacle you face or comes your way; no matter what tries to hinder your progress you bounce back against it better than you were before. Obstacles don’t stop you but rather they make you better.  Hurdles just make you stretch all the more and press into what really matters.
2. EXPOSURE.  To expect better things in life you must see that there are better things in life. You have to know that what someone else has obtained, you to have the ability to obtain it in your own way based on your gifts, talents, abilities and skills. There’s no one that is above anyone. Everyone has something great about them that can be used to elevate their life but you must be exposed to greater things to help you expand your expand your capacity for expectation.
3. MENTORSHIP.  Martin Luther King said it best, ‘everyone can be great because everyone can serve”.   When you have a mentor in your life you are now a protégé, the greatest protégés that become the greatest people are those who know how to serve their mentors. As they serve they learn, grow and progress even more quickly than their mentor because they are able to learn instead of having to go through experience after experience. Experiences take up a lot of time but learning from someone else’s mistakes and blessings push you ahead of the norm get a mentor for every area of your life that you’re working on so that you can be better and do better.
4. TEACHABILITY.  There is a slight catch with the mentorship and that catch  is you have to be teachable. There’s no mentor that wants to pour into a protégé that’s not teachable. You yourself have to know that you don’t know everything but somebody else knows what you don’t know, grab that information! Be able to be taught those things that you don’t know to move ahead in life. Henry Ford’s personal story displays the benefits of having a teachable spirit.  He knew he didn’t know everything about motor vehicles but he surrounded himself with those who did. They and Henry Ford, with the help of motivation and determination, now fuel the car industry with an influx of relevant motor vehicles since 1903.
5. FAITH.  Faith you have to believe that a new way of living is possible.  You have to believe that God can meet you right where you are. You have to believe that the plans that He laid out for your life are so much BIGGER than where you are right now. This is also where persistence comes in, even if you don’t see that life currently you’re persistent in your actions to see that  life unfold in front of you. He will take you there. Faith is that invisible force that no one can live without.  Even though you can’t see God (with your physical eyes) you can see God in action moving you forward, opening doors and even in the help against the resistance trying to stop you.  You can still see that he has His hand on you and will push you where you got to go.
God has made us to be overcomers but we must decide to tap into Him and His ability to work through us. We can do more than we think is possible. My husband  wrote a fabulous book called Winning the Battle for Significance and the whole book shows numerous cases on how others have overcome, the lessons learned to push ahead and of course that all important wisdom on how to win that battle that everyone fights to be significant in their life.
Are there any of the five attributes that you need to implement to be an overcomer?  What experiences have you had that played as a catalyst to you overcoming?  Leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.
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