How to cultivate destiny relationships


Relationships are the fabric that constitute a great destiny.

I grew up as a but of an introvert. I was quite shy and didn’t say much (although you wouldn’t guess it now). Although I was quite I always had an opinion about almost everything. The problem was I was a but of a bit of a perfectionist and couldn’t push through my critical ways of thinking. Not only was I critical with myself I was critical with my friends. It seemed to me that although I accepted my griefs as they were they could have been a lot better. They could have responded to situations differently, they could have stood up for me when I wasn’t bold enough to stand up for myself, they could have just been better. Around the corner of every relationship would be the ultimate transgression that would allow me to forfeit the relationship with due cause.
What I eventually realized was it wasn’t the relationships that were flawed it was ME.
I was always looking for a way out or a way for the person to hurt me enough that me exiting the relationship would be valid.
Does this sound familiar to you? Most people do it. It’s what I call flawed rejector syndrome. You are flawed but transpose your flaws on someone else so that you can feel better about you. It’s a terrible existence. Relationships are the fabric to human life. In Genesis God told Adam it’s not good that man should be alone so he created Eve. God enjoyed visiting with Moses in the cool of the day. David and Jonathan were best friends even though Jonathan’s dad was trying to kill David. If David were the type operating out of flawed rejector syndrome David would have had every right to discard his friendship with Jonathan. But their friendship was a God thing. Jonathan understood that his spiritual destiny in life did not consist of being the king of Israel even though his earthly position did. That friendship allowed the plans of God to come to pass in a fluid and necessary way.
We all need relationships to further our lives. They teach us strength and catapult us into our divine destiny. They help sculpt us and give us the love we need to peel away the hurts and pains that would otherwise destroy future relationships.  God will always use people especially important relationships to help us flourish, grow, prosper, and correct us. We need it.  The person you are today cannot meet the destiny of tomorrow because the destiny of tomorrow requires the you of tomorrow.
Make a personal decision to better appreciate the relationships in your life. Cultivate the God given relationships given to you. Do what 1 Thessalonians 5:12 says so eloquently, “And we urge you brethern, to recognize those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you.”  In other words recognize the relationships that are in your life and treasure them.  Its easier to let go of relationships and burn bridges than it is to respectfully disagree then agree to disagree while still holding them with proper honor and love as they deserve.  Without proper understanding we may miss out on the best relationships that God has to offer us.
Here are a few ways you can cultivate the destiny relationships that are currently in your life…
1. Spend time with those that matter
2. Tell them how much you love them
3. Show them your love through gifts and encouraging emails/texts
4. Be there for them even when things are going good not just bad times
5. Pray for them in private, praise them publicly
Which destiny relationship will you recognize and cultivate today?


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