Help when you need it

At all times I will lift my eyes…that’s where my help comes from.

Many of us still try to figure everything out on our own. In our own way, the we see things, or the way we want them to be. But if we just stood for a moment to “look up” to heaven everything we need is already sorted out. Can you imagine someone wanting to make plans for a trip oversees to Paris but with no experience of Paris, its travel systems nor its money systems?  Its just ludicrous.  Its the same when we try to make plans for our lives when we have no experience or even any knowledge of how great His plans are for us. God is wanting to take us to great places that we’ve never seen yet based on our limited vision [and experience] we are trying to make mediocre plans that eventually frustrate and overwhelm us.   Seems quite futile huh?  Let go of the stress, frustration etc and look up to God. He has it all figured out!

Just ask the Director of your path and He’ll give you all the information that you need.

Psalms 121:1 says, “I look to the hills!  Where will I find help?  It will come from the Lord, who created the heavens and the earth.”

The thing about God’s plans are that they are set up and laid out for us BUT we have cooperate.  When people say “God is in control” many times its just a cop-out; mentally, physically and [especially] spiritually they try and throw their issue and mess on God.  Yet when God is truly in control the way He works is in conjunction with those who are believing in His promises and are taking actions that correspond with that faith.

So when we make our plans and say God is in control we are actually saying, “I have faith that God’s perfect will for my life will prevail and even if the plans that I have made don’t play out, God’s plan will! ”  That’s the secret to true peace. That’s the secret to stress free living.  Take action and make plans BUT believe that God’s plans, whether they make sense or not, are even better than ours.  To help you in your planning get my Lifestyle of Greatness Dreambook to give you godly direction in your planning.  You can make plans and list goals within the dreambook but its still flexible enough to allow God to move in a great way.

In all that you do focus your attention on God.  When you need help look upwards.  The bible tells us that every spiritual blessing that we need is in the heavenly places.  Once your focus is in the right place your spiritual blessings will manifest themselves physically and all that you need will be provided. God is a great help in our time of need.

Drop the frustration, stress, anxiety, and everything else behind like old rotting baggage and look up to God who’s waiting for your attention.



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