Grace for the New Year

If there is anything that you believe God wants you to let go of or remove from your life He will give you the grace to do it.  The difference between you and those who do not embraced the love of God is you have the grace of God which is sufficient for you to move forward (II Corinthians 12:9).  

The apostle Paul, as great and influential as his life was struggled with some things that he repeatedly asked (probably even begged) God to remove for him.  God’s answer for him was “my grace is sufficient for you”.  In other words, I’ve heard and acknowledged your request Paul yet I will not take it away from you rather I will supply with the grace that you need to move forward.  As great as Paul was he still needed to tap into the grace of God that was supplied for him to get through his “thorn” or issue that he had. 

There’s always those things in our lives that we feel if God would just take it out of our lives things would automatically get better.  But there are some things in which if He did reach down and pluck it out for us it would make us feel great; unfortunately we would never have the ability to know the all encompassing grace that is needed for our everyday walk and ascension with Christ.

As for resolutions, goals, to do’s and not to do’s on your list for 2012 remember that God’s grace is sufficient for you to accomplish your desires and His love for you is more than enough to carry you through the year The best part about it all is the grace that I am referring to is already supplied for you, all you have to do is receive it and use it. John 14 says that the Holy Spirit is our Helper, Comforter, Guide and Teacher and He can teach you how to use that grace to accomplish and fulfill your needs. 

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