They are always in my iNBoX. I receive at least 2 everyday: God mail. At first I used to send them as soon as I read them, then I would delete them, then I would feel bad if I deleted them: God-mail. Uhhhh!

We know you love Jesus & you’re not ashamed and if I’m not ashamed then I’ll send it to others. Okay, but you know what really shows me that a person is not ashamed is through their behavior. If you say you love God then to me when you love someone you’ll act in ways that displays that love to others. So much so that I or anyone else watching you doesn’t have to ask if you love God we can just tell. I think there’s a myth out there that says as long as I love God and tell a couple of others then I can act in any way I want to…..as appropriately noted a myth. If someone tells me they love me I expect them to act a different way towards me then they would to someone else. That person wouldn’t have to say, “Do you know that I love her?” Someone could just tell by the way we interact.

Sad that God loves us so much by protecting us, giving us promises to take our lives higher despite the circumstances, answering our deal making prayers even when He knows we won’t keep our end of the bargain & yet we find it difficult to act in a way that would show we love Him i.e. by respecting ourselves, showing love to others even if they hate us, washing our mouths out with soap, “keeping” ourselves for our husband or wife.

Maybe it’s just easier to send an email that says we love Him than living our lives to show that we do. Either way God-mail goes out all the time and most times you have to forward them to prove yourself…
Personally speaking, I love God but I primarily choose to ‘say it’ in a different way that doesn’t depend on me sending out God-mail every two seconds just to prove to the person that sent it to me and everyone else on in my email contacts that Jesus is my homeboy. Am I perfect? Nah. Do I do things that God would deem ‘questionable’? I’m sure I do.

On the other hand God-mail could help get the message out a lot quicker and in a way that others in the Bible wished were available when they were alive. Alright change of plans, maybe I’ll start sending out the God-mails, but not to prove anything to anyone but rather to help someone out during a hard time. They may not want to talk, or even know the right words to say to communicate how they feel but at least they can open an email and read about God’s love and I’ll be the one who sent it.

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