Glamour G.I.R.L Women’s Conference 2013

The Glamour G.I.R.L Women’s Conference is right around the corner!! It is my personal belief that every woman was born to shine and in God’s eyes YOU are ROYALTY. Actually the GIRL in Glamour Girl stands for 

G:God’s I:Irreplaceable R:Royal L:Lady

It’s time to be inspired and empowered to be the royal lady God has designed you to be!  There is no longer an excuse to not be all God has called you to be… There’s a conference for that!  You will experience and receive knowledge, information, the presence of God, insight into your life and much more.

The sessions will take place every night (Thursday the 10th, Friday the 11th & Saturday the 12th) at 7pm BUT on Saturday Morning @10am we will have a special business seminar and someone will be going into the HOT SEAT!!  The Hot Seat will be for any business owner who wants insight on how to expand, grow, market, advertise and enjoy your business. Remember 3% of all women owned firms have revenues of over $1 million…yours should be one of them.

Register for the conference TODAY!

I look forward to seeing you & you SHINING like royalty!!

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Dr. Faith

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