From the Farm to the Table

Originally posted January 24, 2014
I found this great article via via Pinterest (you can follow me on pinterest by clicking here). There’s a move going on that is promoting “clean eating” to the extreme its defined as only eating foods that were grown from the ground.  No fast food or processed foods.  To be honest it challenges everything you know about food and for those of you who [spiritually] fast it is quite similar to what you would eat on a Daniel fast.
This particular article gives you 3 course meals for two whole weeks i.e. you don’t have to figure it out for yourself! (Yay!)  WARNING! it is not for the faint of heart nor is it for heavy carnivores.  But if you’re looking to start cleaning up your eating habits it will give you great ideas and cause you to rethink what you buy at the grocery store.
Should you decide to couple this eating style (I don’t believe in diets) with Jesus Body workoutor any other workout you will see GREAT results and quick fat burn.
Some of the benefits of eating clean:
  • quick fat burning
  • cleanse body of unnatural processed food
  • better overall health
  • enjoyment of healthy natural foods


Remember a lean body doesn’t start with your workout it starts with what you EAT!
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