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Faith Life Network Newsletter 12.07.09

Don’t be discouraged or disheartened by goals that have yet to be accomplished. There are some prayers that take time and some that require fervency. In other words, some situations or needs in our lives do not take any effort to come to pass yet there are other situations that take “faith with works”.
James 2:17-18 states that faith without works is dead and the way to see faith is by works. Let’s look at the works that, when it accompanies faith, can cause mountains to move and make miracles happen for you.

The four works: pray, plant, proclaim and praise.
1. PRAYI Thessalonians 5:17 says pray without ceasing or pray diligently. Be willing to pray about a situation more than once, there’s no shame in it. When you pray you are lifting up the situation into the heavens to be answered.

2. PLANTLuke 6:38 says give and it will be given to you. When we sow a orange seed in the ground the time comes when we will be able to eat an orange from the tree that grows. As this happens in the physical it happens in the spirit. When you sow seed (financial) into the ground (ministry) you will be able to eat from the tree that grows. I believe that anything worth having is worth sowing a seed for. And when the seed is sown in faith God knows you are serious towards that thing and shifts things around in you favor!

3. PROCLAIMProverbs 18:21 says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. No matter what you are praying for even if you do not see it with your physical eyes only speak out what you want to see. The only thing that should exit your mouth should be positive words that match up with what you are praying and believing God for. Negative words only bring negativity. Talk by faith not by what you are seeing and as you do so you are commanding that thing to come into your life.

4. PRAISEHebrews 13:15 says to continually bring the sacrifice of praise to God. It is a sacrifice to praise God in the midst of trouble, lack or confusion. But even when you do not feel like thanking God for everything or singing a song to God, do it! When you do things that are pleasing to God despite your current situation or how you feel God honors that. Thanking God for whatever it is you are praying for before it happens shows God that you know that all things are possible with Him and through Him.

My friend, know that there is nothing too hard for God and that all things are possible. 2010 is a new year that can be different than 2009 if you take the necessary steps.

God is ready to do things that you have only dreamed of.
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