Beat the odds of death…

Did you know that the majority of deaths in America are the result of diseases that are preventable through proper diet?
                                   1.   Heart disease 
                                   2.   Cancer
                                   3.   Stroke
                                   4.   Diabetes

Did you know that the risk of heart disease is easily reduced through various lifestyle changes?
                                    1.   Healthy diet
                                    2.   At least 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 per week 
It’s not easy to make a 180 degree turn from the different eating habits, ways of preparing food and type of food that we eat.  Most times our eating habits are the result of many years of making consistent, little decisions.  But if we make a few substitutes the transition will be much easier. 



Ø Instead of soda, drink Crystal Light; it has less sugar but still has a sweet taste

Ø Instead of eating of beef and other red meats, eat more fish; salmon is a great fish that is filling and full of Omega 3’s which is good for the heart

Ø Instead of skipping breakfast drink a fruit smoothie here’s one of my favorite recipes

Fruit Smoothie

·       1/2 cup plain yogurt
·       1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lime juice

·       1 cup strawberries cut in half

·       1 ripe banana (replace w/ raspberries, blackberries or blackberries when desired)

·       4 blocks of ice

Directions: Place all ingredients into the blender and blend until chunky and cold
The importance of changing our eating habits are without saying…ITS IMPORTANT!  
Eating “healthy” to most people is “expensive” but treating diabetes, going through chemotherapy, having to get open heart surgery is even MORE expensive.  Mentally, physically, financially and emotionally bad eating habits are draining. 

We have the responsibility of being good stewards over our body.  If making a few changes to the things we put in our mouth and spending a little more at the register will prevent us from spending thousands of dollars $$$ in medication and surgery its worth it.  

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