bad experience = bad behavior?

One thing I’ve learned about life is that it is full of experiences, both good and bad. And although we would all desire to have good experiences throughout life- it just doesn’t happen that way. Just as good things happen to good people, bad things happen to good people. But why is it that when people have bad experiences in their lives they sometimes resort to bad behavior or use that experience as an excuse for their bad behavior [more often than using a good experience for good behavior]?

Let’s say for example something bad happened to a friend of yours (or even you) in a church setting. That bad experience causes your friend to reevaluate their lives and you and that friend distanced yourselves from the church and begin to act in a way that is contrary to your beliefs and values.

But just because something bad happened in the church, doesn’t mean that God is no longer God and living your life for Him becomes irrelevant. The church is a great place to go to so that we can learn the ways, thinking and lifestyle of a godly person. Yet we forget that the church is filled with people, and people aren’t perfect. As a matter of fact the church contains imperfect people who need Jesus just as much as you do.

I’ve heard people tell of experiences when they’ve been hurt by people in church or life in general. But don’t let being hurt by certain people be the reason you turn away from God or stay out of church. God didn’t hurt you those particular people did. Separate yourself from those particular people to avoid the same situation but not God. God still has what you need and what you’re looking for so pull Him close and allow Him to help you heal.

Your bad experience could be anything. Some people never knew who their mom or dad was but that’s not a reason to not be a mom or dad to your child. Make the choice to be the complete opposite of the bad situation you experienced and make a notable difference in your life and others around you. God is a God to the fatherless so if that’s your experience let Him be the example that you need.

Let’s not sell ourselves short. We have the power to choose and the power to choose gives us the ability to choose to do better.

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