Atlanta, GA…God’s city!

Almost 3 years ago, God spoke to my husband and I to pack up everything and relocate to Atlanta, Ga.

I recall one specific day while navigating the city (ie not using GPS and getting lost) I asked God “why were out here in Atlanta and what did want us to do?” That day I didn’t receive a verbal answer from Him but did feel an un-resounding peace about living in Atlanta and a great work for the ministry and our family.

Fast forward to today and I am amazed b the things that have happened, the people we’ve met and most recently the new location launch of Elevate Church in Buckhead! I know it’s more than just a church launch its a MOVEMENT!!

Join us in a MOVEMENT February 17th that Atlanta will never forget! I would love for you to be my guest but more importantly be apart of a MOVEMENT that will effect generations!

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Dr. Faith

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