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I recently had a book signing in Houston, TX for my new book Christ-Confidence….it was awesome!  People from all over Houston were able to pick up a copy and grab a hold of the of the spirit of confidence that was poured into the book.  Even after I left Houston I received calls with orders for the book!  Isn’t God awesome!? 

The content of the book is revelational and well here’s some of the testimonies that have come thus far from men and women alike….

“Such an easy read but I have to take it slow because there’s a lot that you have to catch while reading! Its packed with goodness.” Rose O.

“Dr. Faith you did it again! I thought your first book was good but the second one [Christ-Confidence] is fabulous.  We need more teaching like this.  To build us up and let us know who we REALLY are in Christ!” Retha G.

“The book has inspired me to put into motion the business that I have been thinking about for quite some time” Ralph L.
“This book has touched my heart in too many ways.  I’m glad I picked it up and read it…God is really speaking to me through it.” Chigozie O.

“Christ-confidence really is good!  Full of wisdom and knowledge…I know I will have to go back to it for all of the life-lesson nuggets it gives.” Kemi U.

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