5 ways to get RE-energized

Lets face it, between work, kids, ministry, business, trying to maintain a social life and any other commitments we have life can become overwhelming and mundane.  Here a five things you can do to become RE-energized so that you don’t become worn out or burn out.

1. Reorganize your personal space. Whether it’s your car, your closet or your office; the law of order is put into effect when you begin to organize. Order breeds efficiency, productivity and creativity. Move some things around to begin to produce positive results. 

2. Change your routine. Slight boredom can set in when you keep doing the same thing over and over again. Try taking a new route to work (it may get you to work faster), polish your nails a new color, or order a different meal at your favorite restaurant. The change will do you good.

3. Go some place new. Before God can expand your horizons you must be exposed to new things and bigger experiences. The sites Livingsocial and Groupon have made it more affordable to experience new places at a great price.  Experience a vacation outside of your city or state, spend the night at a luxe hotel and order room service or go to the local museum and view history outside of a book.

4. Read a book. Simple right? Yet this simple practice can ignite fires within you that cannot be quenched until you begin to live a fulfilling life.

Books give you an opportunity to live outside of yourself and love vicariously through others. When reading autobiographies & self help books, you can glean from the lifetime experience of others and avoid obstacles in your own life that you would otherwise have no understanding of. 

5. Attend empowering conferences. The Glamour G.I.R.L Women’s conference is around the corner (October 10-12th) in Atlanta Georgia. It is a conference like no other full of inspiration and empowerment to take you to the next level. After implementing the first 4 ways to RE-energize the next step is to register and attend the Glamour G.I.R.L Women’s conference. Click here to register now

You can’t be in an environment filled with inspiration, the presence of God and other motivating ladies and not get something good out of it. I guarantee that after attending you will be changed for the better and you will get answers from heaven for your most pressing situations. 

Registration is no charge. Make a decision to go to the next level today!  Get RE-energized.

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Dr. Faith

Dr. Faith is an empowerment coach & CEO. She is committed to elevating others through her information laden books, energetic speaking engagements, & life transforming coaching programs. Her writings have been featured in several publications and articles. - See more at: http://faithabraham.com/blog/#sthash.zR4tK4Rb.dpuf