4 Resources for Mental Toughness

To succeed in life you will need a key element in life in order to ward off the innumerable obstacles that you will encounter.  That element is mental toughness. It’s an element that provides great advantages to those that use and apply its power within their lives.  Unfortunately it looked down upon or not paid attention to enough for more people to benefit from it.

As a doctorate holder in counseling I studied the effects of lack a lack of mental resiliency but as a pastor I see, pray and counsel through it every day. The degradation of human society through mental issues is alarming.  Although some mental issues can be found though genetic disposition; many mental issues could have been resolved if proper attention was paid to it.  Before one’s mental capacity deteriorates it must be built up.

The mind is an unseen organ that is like a muscle; that when built up it can produce great results. The brain is not just there to tell our bodies what to do but actually we have our brain and it is for us to train it; to instruct it; and feed it the right information. You must diligently purge the wrong information out in order to produce results with positive information you put in.  Whatever you think in your mind that is what you will say and that is how you will behave so in order to get the actions and the results implement the proper belief system in order to succeed. Develop build mental toughness!

There are resources especially through the reading of books that can help build resiliency in the mind to build up its strength. There are a few books that I have (and continue to use) that I will recommend to build your mental resiliency.

 #1 As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

This book is a great American classic and it points out how you can use your mind to frame your life. It is assists with building a healthy and positive mindset.  As a matter fact I have a free download of it on my website, click here to get it.

#2 Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

A wonderful book good thing about Joyce Meyer is she goes into the inner workings of the brain that you know are happening but may have not been able to pinpoint and thus to the reading of this book you can now track the thoughts that you have in order to get better results.

#3 You Can Win at Life by Dr. Faith Abraham

This is one of my favorite books and a reference book for everything I do because not only is the equipping of the mind covered the other very important four areas of your life are discussed as well.  There are five points in our lives that we must constantly shape and one of those aspects is the mind. So within this book you will get the basic foundation that you need to set your mind on the right course.  You can get it here.

#4 Thinking for a Change by John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell does a phenomenal job within this small book of helping us properly frame our mind as well as supplying tools and strategies to use to be resilient within your mind.  After reading this book there are definite changes that you will experience just by applying the information.

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