3 ways to manifest your miracle

How frustrating!!! Isn’t so frustrating when you feel like things should be happening in your life but they’re not?!  Before things happen in the physical (or as I like to say “in real life”) things must first happen and occur in the spirit.  When things happen for you in the spirit your spirit man catches it and you begin to “sense” things and “feel” things but when they don’t happen that “sensing” can become quite frustrating.  I’m going to show you 3 ways to manifest your miracle within this video.  Watch closely, take notes and listen so your next miracle can take place.


Did you catch that?  Did you get the 3 ways to manifest your miracle?  I’m telling you by personal testimony and virtue that those 3 ways work like you would never believe.  Actually those 3 ways HAVE to work because they’re based on the Word of God and the Word works.

What are you believing God for?  Drop me a comment.  Have you implemented the 3 ways yet?  What has manifested for you?

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Dr. Faith

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