3 ways to make an impact on others

Recently someone that I love dearly passed away. I won’t go into detail about her passing but one of the things that really stood out to me was the type of impact that she made. Her funeral was done in a manner that was suitable for a general (I believe she was one of Gods generals so the procession was appropriate). Mayors and city leaders and spiritual leaders from all over attended. I do t know what she did for them or what she meant to them but I know what she meant for me.

She never gave me thousands of dollars or paid for a first class ticket for me but what she did do was cause me to fall in love with the power and ability of prayer. I could go into how wonderful prayer is but I’ll hold off on that until another day. ūüėČ Anytime I would speak to her she would never let me off the phone until she prayed for me and my children and my husband. I received it every time. I spoke with her children about her and they mentioned the same thing; that she magnified prayer not just in saying but also in deed. I won’t even mention the multitude of decorated words that her husband used to explain his years with her in marriage and in ministry.

This woman who was a general for God, that many people didn’t know made a lasting impact in the earth and it amplified itself when she left the earth. Impact. It’s a word not too often used but for those who do use it and live by it understand its greatness. There is no limit to impact because it enters the heart of people and creates fruit. All fruit has seeds and when seeds are planted they grow. In other words it multiplies. You multiply. Your deeds, your positive words, your comfort, your convictions, your love, your understanding it all multiplies.

Don’t believe the hype just because you’re not holding a microphone doesn’t mean that you don’t or cannot make an impact. Just because you’re not on tv doesn’t mean that you don’t or cannot make an impact. ¬†Just because you’re not a celebrity doesn’t mean that you don’t or cannot make an impact. ¬†I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point. ¬†Realize this, there’s a kid who doesn’t have a godly influence in their life that needs it, there a grown adults who have never had anyone say I believe in you who needs it, there are men who are still scared boys on the inside that need the affirmation of another man. That is impact.

It’s a lie of the enemy to think and live life in a way that doesn’t intentionally impact the lives of others. You may have impact right now in someone but if you are not intentional about it you are wasting divine opportunities. ¬†Look at three ways you can make a positive impact on others..

  1. Mentor someone. ¬†There are those who actively express a need for guidance in something that you do very well. ¬†Take them under your wing and pour into them. ¬†Don’t be afraid to share what you know. ¬†No one can replicate what you do the way you do it.
  2. Be intentional. ¬†Don’t just live your life for you. ¬†Take others into consideration. ¬†When shopping for yourself or your kids, what little trinket can you get for your co-worker or your neighbor? ¬†Small gifts make big impact.
  3. Have a can do attitude.  As soon as you decide that you can live your life to make an impact opportunities to do just that will appear.  Opportunities will always manifest themselves for those who are ready to take them on!

Impact is all about influence. As a believer of God you must choose to make an impact in the lives of those around you. If you need help shifting your gears into being intentional and releasing what is inside of you get my book Unleashing the Greatness within. ¬†It will help you become more intentional about the life your are leading. Don’t leave this earth without living in a way that if it was replicated it would make the world a much better place. Don’t believe the hype, you have the ability to make an impact with or without a microphone.

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