3 things you need to become GREAT!

women_successful_redI have this NAGGING belief that most people innately have a strong desire to succeed and do great things in life. There are accomplishments and awards that haven’t been given to us but yet have our name written on it! I have never accepted my current circumstances as the indication of my future. I’m not sure about you but when I see others living out their dreams and being great I become even more convicted to live out my greatness!  I know most of our personal circumstances or our childhood did not show us anything that would indicate that there is a better life to be lived BUT there are techniques or even secrets that we can put into action that will allow us to rewrite our situation and draw out our future.

The biggest thing we can do is commit ourselves to God and after that there are three things that I believe are key to achieving high levels of greatness.

1.     Imagination: When we were children we were told, “use your imagination”. As adults that statement is rarely used but it should be.  Our imagination is this powerful, unseen force that allows us to paint a picture of what could be.  The difference between those that have achieved success in their life and those who haven’t is that they have learned how to use their imagination to see themselves at a better place, living the life they desire.
2.     Goal setting: You have to know what you want before you can get there.  Before you can pack up and move from your current zip code, you have to know what your new zip code will be!  We should have an outline of what we want out of life within the next 1 year, 5 years and 10 years in order to give ourselves a “path to walk on”.  Life has a tendency to throw curve balls and if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll get side tracked. But when your goals are written down and at the center of your focus there’s no way to get side tracked.  Vision boards (a collage of pictures of your goals and dreams) are great tools to keep you focused and on track to greatness!  They’re also a great point at which you can let your imagination run wild!
3.     Confidence: When a person lacks confidence they lack the wherewithal to take on challenges, face their fears and walk within the unknown.  When a person has confidence they are willing to take on challenges and face unfamiliar territory because they know they will be successful.   I personally cannot depend on confidence within myself but rather I depend on a confidence in God.  My confidence in God comes from knowing that He has my best interests at heart and that no matter how bad a situation is He can & will work it out for my good.

My new book Unleashing the Greatness Within will help you achieve a level of greatness that will exceed your highest expectation.  Included within the book is the how to for building confidence, exercises to use your imagination and ways to execute effective goal setting.  There is so much more to your life than what you see and my book will help you get there!

There’s a level of greatness that many do not get to because they are held back by negative feelings and doubts of whether or not they deserve a great life.  Essentially you are blessed to be a blessing.  When you have confidence in God, that confidence literally screams out “you cannot fail”!  Because of that, the world becomes your oyster.
These three things make all the difference in the world between being mediocre and being great.  I’ve seen some miraculous things take place in my life that exceeded what I could have dreamed of.  I know I couldn’t have done it within my own abilities; they were a combination of using my imagination, goal setting and having confidence [in God].

Since I still make sure to implement all these things I know there are more miracles getting ready to take place.  I hope you will implement them as well and when you do I’ll see you at the top!
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Dr. Faith

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