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Hi I am Dr. Faith,

I'm an author, speaker, empowerment coach and pastor.  For the past decade I have dedicated my life to helping others rise up from the turmoil of their pasts to live a greater life. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I grew up as the first born daughter to immigrants and learned first hand the hard work and dedication that was needed to obtain the American dream.

The purpose of what I do is to candidly share the purpose of FaithAbraham.com  which is to create a source of inspiration in order to create increase and be a catalyst for impact.  Essentially I have designed the site to be an open book as to what it takes to improve your quality of life.  You were designed and born to live an abundant life and the only thing that is slowing it down happening is the right information.

There are five aspects of life that when they are focused upon create the life of abundance we are meant to live!  The require focus, constant growth and commitment.  Our ability to grow within these aspects of life are vital to our growth and success.  They are  our

Mental aspect

Physical aspect

Emotional aspect

Spiritual aspect

Financial aspect

In essence we are all spiritual entities and therefore our spiritual growth would be deemed as the number one aspect of our lives.  Through our spiritual aspect all other things can and will fall into place yet they still need diligent attention paid to it in order to flourish.  This happens over the course of time and some aspects need more work within one person than another yet they all fundamentally are required for a fulfilling life.

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Please use this site; the blog, the newsletter, the downloads page and more as a great resource to go from your life's greatness being just a concept unto conceptualization.  Any information you acquire from the site that can serve you in achieving your goal is a prayer answered for me.  I say that because the ultimate goal for me is to help you achieve your goal and move closer to it.

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She is the author of multiple books including You Can Win  at Life,Christ confidence, and Unleashing the Greatness Within.  All of her books are written  with the intent to cause others to live their God kind of life full of  joy, hope, success and greatness.  As a speaker, Dr. Faith has spoken to large audiences at  women’s conferences, youth programs,brunches & luncheons, and as the main conference speaker. She personally hosts an annual women’s conference called Royalty Women's Conference.

As an advocate of education she has a Bachelors in Psychology,Masters in Business Administration and a PhD in Marriage, Family & Children counseling. Dr. Faith happily married and is the mother of third children and resides in the greater Atlanta area.

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Genuine through and through.  wise, caring and a powerhouse in business & in God’s Kingdom! M. White, Atlanta, GA