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Dr. Faith Abraham

Certified Counselor PhD 
For the past 20 years Dr. Faith has dedicated herself to the empowerment and upliftment of people.  After a tremendous experience with God she knew that others were in need of such encounters and experiences with God in order for theirs lives to change in a MAJOR way.  

Everything she does has the intention and inspiration to catapult lives and unleash the greatness that is already within people. 

Through events, books, courses, counseling, coaching and various businesses her lifes mission is to inspire, impact & influence people to the greatness that is them.
Dr. Faith has a message for you...


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  1. Life Coaching
    Life Coaching
    Athletes and super achievers all have one thing in common. They work with coaches. Having Dr. Faith as your life and business coach will cause you breakthrough in every way.
  2. Mentorship
    Having someone understand what you are called to do is an invaluable.Under Dr. Faiths mentorship you will be able to accomplish in 1 year what it takes others accomplish in 3 to 5 years.
  3. Sought after speaker
    Sought after speaker
    Dr. Faith is a highly sought after prolific speaker. She speaks powerfully on messages and topics ranging from women's empowerment, elements of the prophetic, leadership and Christ confidence.
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Just for you from Dr. Faith
She Rules is a book of empowerment and confidence. Through the story of an unknown woman we are able to learn life altering lessons that can catapult our lives and the lives of others to unwavering breakthroughs and success.

As you read this book, you’ll learn how to not be a victim of your past but instead rule at life, marriage, business, finances, ministry and career.

Dr. Faith Abraham wrote this masterpiece book to help you win at life.
This online singles and marriage conference will blow your socks off!  We have some the top and leading influencers on social media and in relationships gathering to give you EXACTLY what you need to experience heaven on earth in your relationship. 

Don't worry if you're not married yet! The relationship experts will give you information & revelation that will shift you to enter into your season of marriage! 

The best part is you dont have to leave the comfort of your home to attend this quality conference.  Its online!  Sign up today to receive early bird pricing, tickets are going fast!


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